CMC Fox 40® Whistle

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The Fox 40® Classic Whistle is used by search and rescue professionals when they are saving lives but also teachers, physical fitness and military instructors, police, and personal safety for camping and hiking. Not only will your whistle be the loudest and most reliable you can buy. It will be the best looking too! Fox 40's patented, pea-less technology exceeds all sound and design barriers with an ear piercing tone that is distinct, powerful and omni directional. Fox 40 will not rust or transfer cold like cheaper metal whistles do.

Waterproof and unbreakable, Fox 40 Whistle delivers optimum performance and sound power in a surprisingly small, compact and functional package. Superb as a personal safety device, Fox 40 whistles cannot be overblown. The harder you blow, the louder the sound! They can be heard over a mile away. This faultless performance has made the Fox 40 Whistle the preferred choice for personal safety and rescue professionals worldwide. Your Fox 40 whistle will work every time you blow it!

Invented by NCAA referee Ron Foxcroft, this whistle's design eliminates the frustration of 'no sound' pea-style whistles. The shrill tone of the sturdy plastic whistle will grab attention every time. Unaffected by water, the Fox 40® is perfect for swimming, skin diving,Public Safety, Teachers, law enforcement, PE instructors, construction sites, crowd control, personal safety, lifeguarding and boating.
2" x 3/4
Works in Water
Sound carries over 1 mile
Rust Proof
Does not transfer cold like metal whistles

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