Fixation Paddle

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These Good-Lite Fixation Paddles are essential in vision screening of infants and fun for vision tests for children.
The small (2"/5 cm diameter) "smiling face" fixation paddle was chosen based on studies by Robert Fanz. Infants who are developing normally respond to the face and follow it with combined eye and head movements at the age of three months. The grating on the reverse side gives the infant something new to look at when the picture has been hidden for a few seconds. The opposite end of the fixation stick has small pictures of a bunny and a giraffe, and its handle has a pupil gauge and corneal diameters. The medium (5"/13 cm diameter) fixation paddle is for the assessment of severely visually impaired and multi-impaired children. It helps to define the distance at which the infant or child responds to a high contrast face picture. It allows a standardized comparison of the child's behavior in different environments.

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