Laerdal Nursing Kelly Manikin

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Nursing Kelly is a manikin designed for scenario-based training of the care and management of a wide variety of in-hospital patients. Training includes blood pressure measurement, sounds auscultation, wound care assessment, and management. This full-body adult male manikin is perfect for beginning education for in-hospital healthcare professionals.
  • Head with anatomical landmarks, trachea and esophagus, with simulated lungs and stomach, allow the practice of many procedures, including NG, OG, tracheal care, and suctioning.
  • Students can auscultate normal and abnormal heart, breath, and bowel sounds using a standard stethoscope.
  • Instructor-controlled blood pressure arm allows for realistic palpation and auscultation. Systolic and diastolic pressures, auscultatory gap, and volume are variable.
  • IV cannulation, medication administration, site care and maintenance are allowed in the antecubital area and the dorsum of the hand, accessing the median, basilic, and cephalic veins.
  • Ability to practice medication dose calculations and administration through intramuscular injections at the deltoid, gluteal, ventrogluteal, and thigh sites.
  • Realistic male and female urinary catheterization and enema procedures may be performed with fluid return.

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