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The Laerdal SimPad® is a tool that makes simulation available at your fingertips - when and where you need it. Whether you’re training on a simulator, task trainer, or standardized patient, SimPad® has the flexibility to support your needs and help you provide the best possible simulation experience.

The Laerdal SimPad System® is backward compatible with all VitalSim enabled products and can operate: ALS Simulator, SimNewB Simulator, SimJunior Simulator, MegaCode Kelly, MegaCode Kid, Nursing Anne, Nursing Kelly, Nursing Kid, Nursing Baby, SimPad Sounds Trainer, SimPad Blood Pressure Trainer, and SimPad Arrhythmia Trainer.

Blood Pressure

  • Auscultated and palpated blood pressure simulation
  • Korotkoff sounds synchronized with programmable ECG
  • Korotkoff sounds volume control in 10 steps, 0-9
  • Systolic and diastolic pressure may be set individually in steps of 2mmhg
  • Systolic 0-300mmhg, Diastolic 0-300 mmhg
  • Auscultative gap, with on/off feature
  • Pressure accuracy +/- 2mmhg
  • Calibrate function to adjust pressure sensor and cuff gauge


  • Controls carotid, brachial, radial, and umbilical pulses (available pulses vary depending on manikin)
  • Pulses only active when palpated
  • Pulses synchronized with ECG
  • Pulse strengths dependent or independently set.
  • Brachial pulse off when BP cuff pressure is above 20 mmhg
  • Radial pulse off when BP cuff pressure is above Systolic BP level


  • 3 – 4 lead ECG
  • Pacing and defibrillation capabilities
  • Extensive ECG library based on the SimMan 3G ECG library
  • With optional patient monitor: 12 lead ECG


  • Heart sounds synchronized with ECG
  • Auscultated lung sounds synchronized with breathing, 0 - 60 BPM
  • Individual lung sound selection
  • Normal or abnormal bowel sounds
  • Vocal sounds: Computer-generated sounds, recorded vocal sounds and real-time voice input via headset
  • User generated vocal sounds

Logging / Scenario Function

  • Download log files and student data to a PC
  • The SimPad log files can be viewed in SimView for post-simulation reflection and de-briefing


  • The SimPad System includes the SimPad Remote with 5.7” color display and touchscreen operation, and compact Link Box with rechargeable battery
  • Upload scenarios and themes from a PC via a USB or download scenarios directly from SimStore
  • Intuitive software with Manual or Automatic mode
  • Li-Ion Battery, 3 – 4 hours operating time

The Laerdal SimPad® System includes: SimPad, Link Box, 2 AC Power Supplies, Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, Wrist strap for SimPad, Manikin strap for Link Box, Manikin adapter cable, SimPad sleeve, USB cable, Ethernet cable and Directions for use.


The Laerdal SimPad® includes: SimPad, AC Adapter and Power Cord, USB Cable, SimPad Sleeve, Wrist Strap, SimPad Nametags, and Directions for Use.


The Laerdal SimPad® Link Box includes: Link Box, AC Adapter and Power Cord, Ethernet Cable, Manikin Adapter Cable, SimPad Nametags and Directions for Use. The Link Box does not include the Laerdal Li-Ion Battery.

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