LiceGuard ROBI Comb

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The LiceGuard Robi Comb detects and destroys lice on contact! Simply comb through dry hair and when the electronic Robi Comb contacts lice, they get zapped and die. As the comb slides through the hair, it makes a soft humming sound until it encounters a louse. The humming sound stops and a small electrical charge passes from the comb’s teeth through the louse. Using the small brush included in the package, the user removes the dead louse from the comb’s teeth and resumes combing.
  • Detects Lice on Dry Hair
  • Destroys Lice on Contact
  • No Chemicals / Non-Toxic
  • No Mess, No Gels, No Oils
  • No Odor or Fragrance
  • Use Anywhere and Anytime on Dry Hair
  • Reusable and Economical

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