NexTemp® Disposable Thermometers - Individually Wrapped

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The NexTemp® Single Use (Disposable) Clinical Thermometer is used for applications that require high-accuracy and excellent infection prevention properties.  Each unit is individually wrapped and intended for single patient use.

NexTemp® Thermometers provide a fast and accurate reading in one minute. To use: unwrap the thermometer and place the thermometer in the patient’s mouth; wait one minute; remove the thermometer; read the temperature scale immediately, looking for the last black dot; discard when finished.  Axillary (underarm) temperature measurements can be taken using this thermometer, leaving it in place for 3 minutes.

  • Accurate:  ±0.2°F / ±0.1°C (between 98.0°F to 102.0°F / 37.0°C to 39.0°C)
  • Safe, non-toxic, mercury-free, latex-free
  • Reduces the risk of infection, cross-infection or reinfection
  • Unbreakable - no expensive repairs or capital equipment commitments
  • No equipment to clean after each and every use (per the manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Economical - no probe covers, batteries, or calibration required
  • No special conditions required - thermometer resets itself automatically if exposed to elevated temperatures during shipment or storage (best stored in a cool dry place below 86°F / 30°C)
  • Easily transportable, unbreakable, inexpensive, convenient

Medical professionals have used NexTemp® for over 25 years in acute care hospitals, physician’s offices, dialysis centers, clinics and long term care facilities.  It is a proven medical device that is used around the world.  NexTemp® is US FDA listed; is manufactured under Quality System ISO 13485 (2003); carries a CE Mark; and conforms to ASTM E 1299-96 specifications.  All product manufacturing is performed in the United States.

  • Shelf life: 5 years from the date of manufacture

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