NIX Lice Pediculicide

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A single application of NIX® kills lice and their eggs. It prevents re-infestation for 14 days and is full prescription strength.

What makes Nix so fast and effective at eradicating lice? Nix is one of the only lice treatment medications with a strong and proven lice killing compound. Nix not only kills head lice and their eggs fast, but it protects against dreaded re-infestation for up to 14 days, longer than any other lice treatment.

There are plenty of lice treatment products on the market making a number of exaggerated claims, but Nix is the only one long recognized for it's proven effectiveness, the only one once available only by prescription and the only one consistently rated #1 by pharmacists nationwide. In short, Nix Lice Treatment is the only one you need to get rid of your lice problems now and for good.

NIX is Rated #1 For Good Reason
  • Single application strength
    Nix works fast to kill head lice and their eggs
  • Nix prevents re-infestation
    Up to 14 days after initial application (longer than any competing product)
  • Perfectly safe for children
    FDA approved for children as young as 2 months
  • Head lice hotline
    Qualified personnel standing by to help you every step of the way 1-888-LICE LINE
Don't Let Your School Become A Head Lice Outbreak Statistic

Prevention is very important as lice are highly contagious and can spread quickly from person to person, especially in group settings (schools, child-care centers, slumber parties, sports activities, camps, and even playgrounds).

Unfortunately, head lice outbreaks are gaining prevalence in the USA due in part to inadequate control of these parasitic pests. The good news is that it is possible to manage a lice outbreak of any size with a good plan of attack. Our "Plan of Attack" checklist below is a good start.

Health Professionals
Help your patients eliminate head lice outbreaks effectively As a Health Care Professional it's your job to guide your patients to a successful solution to their head lice infestation. With Nix lice treatment you have the assurance of the first-hand experience of hundreds of Pharmacists across the country. Protect your integrity as an authoritative healthcare professional and recommend Nix - it's the lice treatment and prevention product that works.

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