Splashcap Irrigation Device

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Irrigate minor wounds quickly and safely with the SPLASHCAP! The SPLASHCAP saves time and equipment. No syringe basin setup is required. No need to tediously disconnect a syringe and shield for every 10-20ccs of fluid used. The SPLASHCAP can irrigate hundreds of cc’s into a wound in seconds, allowing you and your staff to be more efficient.

The SPLASHCAP’s built-in bottle shield prevents splatter and reduces contamination risks. It is safer and faster than punching holes in bottles.

Use two hands to squeeze for more pressure and better wound cleaning; and use the SPLASHCAP with ‘no hands’ for high volume lower pressures for first aid eye irrigation while setting up the irrigation lenses.

Replaces the 2C4020 Squirt Cap.

Twist on squeeze bottleUsing the SPLASHCAP directly on an irrigation bottle will avoid the need for relabeling. To be in compliance with JACHO regulations, it is now necessary to label saline when poured out of the original bottle into an irrigation basin.

The New Requirement 3D of JCAHO’s 2006 National Patient Safety Goals states that:

“Medications and solution both on and off the sterile field should be labeled even if there is only one medication being used.”

“Labeling occurs when any medication or solution is transferred from the original packaging to another container.”

“Labels include drug name, strength, amount (if not apparent from container), expiration date when not use within 24hrs and expiration time...”

-- JCAHO 2006 NPSG Requirement 3D p. 11

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