SSCOR S3™ - Oropharyngeal Evacuation Tool


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The S3 is instrumental in aiding paramedics, EMTs, and first responders in clearing and maintaining the airway of injured or unconscious persons. The ABC’s (Airway, Breathing, and Circulation) are the critical steps to save the life of a patient.  A suction catheter is routinely used by first responders to clear the airway of fluids and chunks in order to intubate the patient so that they may gain control of the patients’ airway – the first step in patient care. The S3 Oropharyngeal Evacuation Tool performs the same functions as other suction catheters currently marketed, however, it is also capable of much more - it can be used to mechanically scoop larger obstructions from the airway and also it can be used like a “sump” pump to remove fluids that make intubating the patient difficult.

The unique spoon-shaped tip of the S3 allows a medic to quickly scoop or clear away pieces of vomit or obstructions that are too large for a standard suction device.  Traditionally first responders would use their fingers in a maneuver known as the “finger sweep”. The S3 reaches further into the mouth than fingers and enables the user to keep fingers out of harm’s way.  In an era of concern about safety, many medics and EMS agencies are making it a policy to avoid placing fingers inside the mouth of a patient.  The S3 is the first and only tool designed to mechanically remove material that cannot be suctioned or retrieved by forceps from the airway. The S3 makes the finger sweep obsolete.

The S3 also works like the traditional suction catheter however, engineered into the design of the S3 is a large bore suction tip, much larger than traditional suction tip lumens.  The S3 easily connects to standard suction tubing. Viscous fluids and smaller particles easily pass through the suction tube. Suction is controlled at the thumb port with the thumb or by positioning the convenient slider over the thumb port for constant suction.

During intubation, the S3 can be used in a “sump mode” to keep fluids or vomit out of the airway.   With the slider in the constant suction position the S3 can be briefly placed in the deep oropharynx to suction, freeing both hands to manage intubation.  The soft, flexible material of the S3 is easily manipulated and configured. An integrated stylet is built into the S3 which allows the S3 to flex and maintain any angle or shape that might assist the medic in clearing the airway.

  • Scoops chunks
  • Suctions viscous fluids
  • Sumps pooling fluids
  • Replaces the finger sweep
  • Assists in difficult intubations

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  • SSCOR S3™ - Oropharyngeal Evacuation Tool