ToucanEd Impact Interactive Multimedia Promoting Physical Activity CD-ROM


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ToucanEd Impact Interactive Multimedia Promoting Physical Activity CD-ROM is an exciting interactive game developed by top obesity researchers as a tool to help offset the rising incidence of childhood obesity in America. Through eight exciting episodes, students will learn the benefits of increasing their own physical activity levels and making other lifestyle changes. Designed to be done in the classroom, computer lab, or as take-home assignments, IMPACT is completely self-paced and is suitable for children ages nine and 12.
  • Episodes address both national health standards and national physical education standards.
  • Game appeals to both physically active and physically quiet students.
  • Research shows the game helps increase the physical activity levels in students.
  • Activities combine physical education with content from other subject areas, such as math, science, geography, and history.
  • The program is endorsed by top educators from across the country.
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  • IMPACT: Guide to the Game was developed with the teacher in mind. It contains an easy-to-use user guide that will help teachers navigate through the game and plan valuable classroom time. Along with the user guide, IMPACT: Guide to the Game comes with worksheet activities for each of the lessons, a copy of the IMPACT game, and a CD with printable masters for all of the worksheets. IMPACT: Guide to the Game contains everything a teacher needs to successfully implement the IMPACT game in any classroom.

PC Users: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP
  • Pentium II CPU (or compatible) @ 500 MHz or faster
  • 64 Mb of RAM or better
  • sound card

Macintosh Users: OS 9.2 or OS X
  • G3 or faster processor
  • 64 Mb of RAM or better
  • sound card

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