AED Recertification Process


Our recertified AEDs are the real deal!

When buying a life-saving device like an AED, you need peace of mind that you're getting a quality product that will work every time. Rest assured - our recertification process offers dependability of new equipment at a budget-friendly price.

Our factory-certified technicians ensure each device is fully tested through an 10-point inspection process, and adheres to all factory guidelines and specifications. To help ensure as close to a new appearance as possible, each device is painstakingly detailed. Adult defib pads, batteries and a 3-year warranty come with each AED.


10-Point Inspection Process:

  1. AED software is upgraded to current AHA guidelines (if upgrade available from manufacturer).
  2. Each unit is connected to a new Fluke Impulse 7000 defibrillator analyzer to simulate a shockable rhythm. Three shocks are delivered to ensure the joule output is within FDA guidelines.
  3. All device and performance information is recorded and stored in both electronic and paper form.
  4. Visual inspection ensures AED is in acceptable cosmetic condition.
  5. Device is meticulously cleaned with Q-tips and toothpicks.
  6. AED is accessorized and made patient-ready with electrodes and batteries installed.
  7. AED is turned on to initiate self-test that ensures it is ready to be used in an emergency.
  8. Packing slip is hand-checked to ensure all items are included.
  9. Order is professionally packed in accordance to Fedex/UPS regulations.
  10. AED tracing is submitted to the manufacturer in accordance with FDA regulations.


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If you have questions about a recertified AED, contact your dedicated account manager or call 866.558.0686.